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where can I get the 1.4.3 update as its says it available on the game

Just download it here - the current version on the page is 1.4.3

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The next update will be Tuesday, and will include the magic path to space.

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It should say 1.4.3b (b is just a few patches/bugfixes from a). You can download the latest version from if you have the wrong version. The next update should come mid october (but I don't have an exact date set yet).

What should i do if the space ship doesnt recognize my powercores? Im on mac

There was a bug in 1.4.3 that was fixed in 1.4.3a, so updating may help, but even if you install cores you can't fly the spaceship yet.

it still doesnt recognize them. Thanks for the response.

I found a glitch when taking a boat through the portal (in the ocean) and I accidently jumped out at the last second I could not find the boat anywhere I had to quit and come back to my last save.

Not a glitch - if you leave your boat while it's being sucked into the whirlpool, it'll get sucked in and destroyed and you'll have to build a new boat (or reload).

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when do the updates come out each month and how do I access them?

Updates are not regularly scheduled, but come about once a month. I post updates for each major update, and you can get them here (I think the itch client should auto-update your game as well).

Is this multiplayer

Not yet, but we are planning to add co-op multiplayer before the full release.

when i extract the file, i don't get the file to start the game


There is already a submarine in the early access version!

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What operating system are you using?

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how do i play on the early version

The early access version? It's the _full zip files instead of the _demo, you get access to it when you buy the game, and it includes more content now and all updates (including the full release late next year).


If this game goes on steam, I hope you make it free or atleast cheap. Dollar is almost 5 times my countries money so even 10$ is out of my range.


No worries!  You can play it for free!


But i think it is the demo?? OR IS THIS THE FULL VERSION!!


The web version is the same as the demo available here, and includes the first 3 islands (about 8 hours of content). The early access version includes an additional 4 hours of content right now (completing the science path on the first planet), and we plan to update it monthly with new content!

Game isn't working. There is every data exported but it says something is missing

One other person had this problem, and we figured out that it had to do with permissions on their computer. If the game doesn't have permission to access the files, it can't run. Try putting the game in a non-protected folder (and make sure all subfolders extracted are readable), or run the game as administrator.

The quest is unlocked, I have all of the ingredients, and I have the dockhouse but there is no option available to me to get the boat. I'm not really sure what to do about it and I've looked around but I can't find anyone else having this problem.

This is a bug in 1.3.1a, but there's a patch to fix it - replace data/core/structures/structures.xml (in your game files) with this file: .

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Thank you so much,  I'm looking forward to visiting the other island. Unfortunately, my dockhouse is now invisible but that's  probably something I did wrong. 

I love your game btw, it's so addicting and interesting.  The friend who told me about Aground said that it looks like Minecraft but after playing, it's obvious that there's way more to this. There are people to talk to, for one, which I think is vital. There's a plot and quests but it's also kind of open world/do what you want.  There's more to mention but I've got a new boat to sail away in and I don't want to keep her waiting!

Keep up  the good work! :)

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Download the .zip file and extract all the contents to a folder before running the exe.

Can some one tell me how to download the english version of this,,,,,,i downloaded two times from this site end from another but it is in like a chinese font...please help me

Make sure you extract everything from the .zip folder before you try to run the exe, and if it still doesn't work, make sure your graphics card driver is up to date.

I have downloaded updates from this site for months.  There have been no problems.  However, I downloaded on a work machine which has Arabic capability and I got the Chinese (probably) font plus the characters were different.  I deleted the download and went back to my own machines.  Try downloading on a different machine and then copying the zip file to your own machine and opening.

wow Thanks for the UPDATE Fancy Fish I like this game Because for my Ultra Vip i can't kill EVERYONE with one punch like "ONE PUNCH MAN

This game is a real treat to play. I've seen it grow a lot since I first played it on Kongregate (right before the mountain was added I believe) and glad it's doing so well. Can't wait to see more from your team!

I love this game so much and I was wondering how much it would cost when you released the full version and where I could get it. This is so much fun and it's easily the game I've spent the most time on, on It's a lot like Terraria though

The game will be $10 in early access (and will release sometime in July here and on other storefronts). The price will increase once the game's out of early access, but everyone who buys it during early access gets the full game.

I keep getting this error message anyone know how to solve it? 

error: spawn /home/hubuntu/.config/itch/apps/Aground/Aground ENOENT

When the next update comes around. what will I have to do?

I downloaded and finished this game before I downloaded the app. So if it doesnt do it automatically, how do I get my save to the new version?

If you download the latest version of the game onto the same computer, the saves should be available automatically. If you don't have the app, just download the game and replace the old files whenever there is an update (that won't replace your save files).

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Hi everyone

When can we expect the next update?

I really enjoy the game but I'm kicking my heels at the moment.  I've become strangely addicted to farming and would like more places to farm as well as a wider range of animals and plants.  I covered all empty areas in Science Island and am overjoyed that the pesky bandits no longer appear.  

I'm desperate to see what happens next.

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I beat the game, but when it got updated, my save got lost...

Edit: I was using a MacBook Air 

On the windows version, your saves should be in "%APPDATA%\Fancy Fish Games\Aground\aground", and they are never wiped with updates. If you're playing on a different computer, you'll have to copy them over.

I wish I'd known that a month ago.  

I want to you add nights , and save button, when you sleep your progress do not save but when you touch the save button you progress save and you will not sleep in day sleep in night

I want to you add nights , and save button, when you sleep your progress do not save but when you touch the save button you progress save and you will not sleep in day sleep in night

right at the start of the game where im mining for coal to build a smelter it keeps exiting and its really annoying

This was fixed in a patch recently uploaded (1.3.0a).

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Assim que eu retornar da ilha mágica com o dragão eu não posso andar nem nada, basta mover o mouse, como se os botões travassem

Why Spanish is outdated? // ¿por qué el español está desactualizado?

I love the game :D

I feel as if it'd be better to add a Mac version, I've gotten to the current end (awaiting to find out what the alchemist and everybody else does in response to the old one's signal), my profile is on Kongregate, I have exported my file, and, I use a Mac, so, for all Mac users, is it possible to to make a Mac version, so we can play offline? It is a very good game to me and I'd love it if I could play without having to get an internet connection just to get to the page, and sync my saves.

Yes, I'll be adding a Mac and Linux build with the next update (version 1.3.0), which is the end of the demo content.

maybe i am dumb, but can you use rail and minecart vertically?

No, right now it's horizontal only (although I might add a way to add ramps.

Help It Keeps Saying (Null Object Reference) then Closing

That usually means you didn't extract everything before running the exe, or you deleted or modified the files in the core folder. Try re-downloading the game, then extract everything into a new folder and run Aground.exe


1.2.1 Log , Stone Statues Found! down of the Dragon Lair , Dirt Element Required! But put the Dirt Element : I need other item wait for a future actualization

Strange stones

It's earth gem

The game doesnt work for me when i load it up it says that the game stoped working. any solution please?

You'll have to give me more information, but if it immediately stops working and doesn't show an error log, it's usually a low level error (often having to do with your graphics card driver).

Can you later make like a hd mode where it is not pixels but its animated persons

Fancy Fish, you can make a custom edible armour mod? i can't make more armors and add this to the game

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help it keeps closing down and saying null object refference plz help.

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AMAZING GAME!! I was addicted as soon as the game started. Went on to kickstarter and found that the money had been raised! Can't wait for the full game to be released! BTW are you planning on making it a free game or a payed?? Thank you so much for making such an excellent game it's given me hours of entertainment. Hope you do an item expansion update! Pls reply :)

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I've mined the three islands, met the future bosses on the science and magic islands.  I even managed to fly (although it meant removing the dragon from the science island).    

Is there a way of mining through the purple layer below the magic island?  The wyrm drill can't penetrate it.

I'm enjoying the game - when I contributed to the Kickstarter, I was unsure whether you would make it but was delighted to see it reach the target (and beyond).

Looking forward to the updates.

Gameplay Test: 

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