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I feel as if it'd be better to add a Mac version, I've gotten to the current end (awaiting to find out what the alchemist and everybody else does in response to the old one's signal), my profile is on Kongregate, I have exported my file, and, I use a Mac, so, for all Mac users, is it possible to to make a Mac version, so we can play offline? It is a very good game to me and I'd love it if I could play without having to get an internet connection just to get to the page, and sync my saves.

Yes, I'll be adding a Mac and Linux build with the next update (version 1.3.0), which is the end of the demo content.

maybe i am dumb, but can you use rail and minecart vertically?

No, right now it's horizontal only (although I might add a way to add ramps.

Help It Keeps Saying (Null Object Reference) then Closing

That usually means you didn't extract everything before running the exe, or you deleted or modified the files in the core folder. Try re-downloading the game, then extract everything into a new folder and run Aground.exe


1.2.1 Log , Stone Statues Found! down of the Dragon Lair , Dirt Element Required! But put the Dirt Element : I need other item wait for a future actualization

Strange stones

It's earth gem

The game doesnt work for me when i load it up it says that the game stoped working. any solution please?

You'll have to give me more information, but if it immediately stops working and doesn't show an error log, it's usually a low level error (often having to do with your graphics card driver).

Can you later make like a hd mode where it is not pixels but its animated persons

Fancy Fish, you can make a custom edible armour mod? i can't make more armors and add this to the game

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help it keeps closing down and saying null object refference plz help.

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AMAZING GAME!! I was addicted as soon as the game started. Went on to kickstarter and found that the money had been raised! Can't wait for the full game to be released! BTW are you planning on making it a free game or a payed?? Thank you so much for making such an excellent game it's given me hours of entertainment. Hope you do an item expansion update! Pls reply :)

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I've mined the three islands, met the future bosses on the science and magic islands.  I even managed to fly (although it meant removing the dragon from the science island).    

Is there a way of mining through the purple layer below the magic island?  The wyrm drill can't penetrate it.

I'm enjoying the game - when I contributed to the Kickstarter, I was unsure whether you would make it but was delighted to see it reach the target (and beyond).

Looking forward to the updates.

Gameplay Test: 

I dont know how to change images sorry

Hello, I made a Mod Called Universe OF Swors Are a Copy of Fancy Fish Crystal Sword Mod But Add More Swords Add 16 swords the number 17 are of fancy fish please , say to me how to o a web page to make my mod cant be downloaded and sorry for my bad english im of Venezuela

could you add harder versions where you need to do more things like farm yourself (i mean like plant and water with a water can where you fill water in the water on the side

I might add difficulty modes eventually (as some people want the game harder, and some want it easier), but I think the current balance is pretty good overall. And I might add more to farming - as right now you just have to wait (and maybe apply fertilizer). Perhaps a watering can would make crops grow faster, so players who care will spend time on the farm, those who don't will mine and when they return have some free food even though it took longer to grow.

I ran the troubleshoot again and the game displayed and error [file_contents,data/fonts/font.fnt]

That means it couldn't load the game font. Did you extract everything to a folder before you ran Aground.exe? Make sure data/fonts/font.fnt exists.

Could you mark the zip file as for Windows in your edit page so I can download the game from the itch app? Thanks!


I love this game, but, it is in chinese :(

Sorry, my english is bad

Can i ask if you can add multiplayer. I would love that because me and my friend wants to play together and he dont know anything about the game so i want to help him and it would be funnier if you can play togheter with your friends. My idea would work if you could add friends to your fancy fish account. The it could be like invite player. Please add this to your game. Love the game and everything to  it. Thanks for listening

We'll be adding co-op multiplayer as a stretch goal for the game to our kickstarter soon. I definitely think multiplayer would add a lot to the game, but it'd be a lot of work to add, which is why it will be a stretch goal and not the main goal.

My computer says it's not compatible 

What OS are you running on your computer? The windows version should work on all versions of windows XP and up.

Windows 7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1)

It works on windows 7 ultimate, so it's not a compatibility issue. Can you post a screenshot of the error message?

Hmm, that's strange, it doesn't do that on windows 7 for me. Maybe try updating your graphics card driver, really old drivers will cause the game to crash, and it is probably incorrect that the program is incompatible (the troubleshooter probably made a mistake).

Hey it's "WhenTheyCry_" From Kong, thanks for the great game man! I'll be sure to support you when I get a chance.


Just discovered mods were a thing, I love making mods!! I make mods for skyrim, starbound, terraria and other games too (mostly pixel art type games). Gonna have to get good with the mods and start adding a ton of stuff :D. First order of business? Taco's. Because you don't have a good game till you have tacos. And pandas. Cute bab pandas that will shoot lasers.

can you please make a mod then because i have been searching for days for aground mods but have not found anything. If your going to make a mod then i want to beta test it and be the first to try it out. But please make a mod

cool game.... but a warning that the boat would end the game would be nice.. it said it saved but with i tryed to load it it put my back to the first 13mins of the game... i think maybe when i died on my first run and the game reset it broke the saves?
never got to see what the dragon was about or that underground cave and i cant be assed to play it all again just to get back 


I played this last week for my Friday stream and had a lot of fun! Really surprised by the amount of content and polish - well done! Video below highlights events and gameplay from the stream, :)

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I really enjoyed playing this game. Took me four hours to beat it in 100%. Looking forward for the next island :D This game is great, I havent encountered a single bug. You really should consider releasing it on steam once there is a little more content.

edit.: once you have all the buildings you can go afk for free resources, imo this should be changed.

That's exactly our plan - get the next islands done and expand the content and put it on Steam Early Access!

As for idling resources, some people really enjoy being able to do that, and by the time you have all the buildings, the value of the resources you can idle (other than perhaps dragonblood) is not that high - you'll need different resources for a lot of the higher tech and magic stuff on the second islands.

Any tips for making a mod for the game?

I made an example mod which you can download and edit here: . Simply create a new folder called mods in the data folder, and extract that zip file there (so that "data/mods/crystal_sword/mod.xml" exists). Then start the game or hit Ctrl+Shift+M to reload mods live (just don't reload mods during events, as it will cancel events). Any folder in the mods folder that has a mod.xml will be loaded automatically for now, I'll have mod management in game later.

You can also look at the data/core folder, as that is actually structured exactly like a mod.

And feel free to drop by #modding in our discord, as there's lots of discussions about modding going on there!

Maybe showing my ignorance here but what's a mod?

A mod is an edit of a game that can range from adding a few new items to reskinning all the art to a whole different game that just runs on top of the game's core code.

Beyond me but would certainly add to the playing experience.

Does adding a mod cause any issues with existing saves? Do you have to create a new save to use a mod?

Depends on the mod. Typically, there are no issues, although if you remove a mod after saving, you'll lose items/objects/etc the mod added. And if you saved on an island the mod added, and you remove the mod... that'll corrupt your save.

Cool. Good enough for me. Thanks for the info. I'll continue to enjoy the heck out of this game.

Hello everyone

I played on Not Doppler and sailed off at the end but there was no hint about how to complete the Dragons blood quest.  Also,the game didn't save.

I really enjoyed playing - are there different versions?

Saving in the browser version requires cookies. It should save fine in the version. I am constantly updating the game, but the sites I manage the game on should all be up to date. 1.0.6 is the current version (check the title page).

For the dragon blood quest, slay one of the wyrms (the creatures that burrow underground). It will require a steel sword, a bow, or some critical hits from behind and red berries.

I'll download and give it a try.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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I downloaded and the game saves.

I've downloaded the updates and the game is working well.

I've collected dragon blood, defeated the dragon and the yeti.  I just can't get the hang of the fishing.....

My favourite part is the exploration and the chats in the hut.

We definitely are going to add more hut scenes and exploration. For fishing, we'll have an NPC explain it eventually, but for now I can explain it:

Hit C with the fishing rod equipped or Z next to water to auto-use the fishing rod. It will start fishing.

When it says there is something on the line hit C (or whatever button is shown next to the tooltip if you've changed controls).

This may catch a rusty axe, or it may say wait for it. If it says wait for it, then wait until it says Pull Now and hit C again. You keep doing this until it catches something (the more times this takes, the better the fish). If you hit C at the wrong time, the fish will get away.

3 rusty axes and 2 toothfish - success

Downloaded the new update and went flying on my dragon - I'm looking forward to the next update.

Well, you can colour me surprised on this one! I thought it would be impossible to make a Minecraft-inspired 2D pixel art title that has the potential to be interesting, at least in any year past 2009, so seeing a title like this one turn out to be pretty good is a sign of the creativity that developers and designers can showcase given a generic template.

I do think the design is solid and simple, avoiding too much of the tedium that’s endemic to games like yours, though with the caveat that there’s not all that much to do in the title (at least on the version I reviewed, 1.0.4), so I’m going to keep hoping this game turns out to be something good in the future.

I gave you a nice review on Kratzen, though I do bring up some potential pitfalls for future development prospects. I suppose I should be more optimistic, eh?

it was a good game key word was i dug up every block and did everything so it is boring now but it was fun and it felt good to do it

There's definitely a limit to what you can do in the current version, but we're planning on adding more content and things to do after setting sail.

when do you think this will come out, how mutch is done

We plan to release a few updates to the starting island first, improving based on suggestions - which will take a week or two. We've only had some design and mockup work for the second island, but we hope to release it next month!

ok cool

is there any plans to alow players to regenerate the under ground of there island useing like 100 dragons blood or something like that

Not really, but it wont be needed once we add more content to the game (and one plan is procedurally generated caves/dungeons that you can visit, mine and leave as many times as you want).

I love it.  Almost feels like Terraria to me but more simple, I think this is a great game.  Maybe for the future add a better equipment menu for armor and stuff.  Maybe add some more aspects to mining too.

this game is really fun and i cant wait to see what you have planned for the future

Really cool game.
Too short in general and some things just were not so obvious:
at the start:
You have to "accept" the quest even though you obviously don't have enough wood.
Cause if you don't explicitly select accept there, ypou don't get the stone axe which you need.
Run back and forth many times before I realized this.

As mentioned in another comment, the importance of the different pick axes is not so obvious.
My thought:
I saw that my stamina increased quite fast.
States of iron pickaxe are among others: 1 stamina per hit.
my thought: so when using that, on top of the already ridiculous fatigue rate, on top my stamina will also decrease by 1 more point per hit.

So I didn't use it.
Until I learned that i need it for stone.
And then realized that the description was confusing to me as fuck.

Except that, it's a nice game.
Wish it was longer there.

So looking forward to any improvements on it, especially new islands!

What also kind of disappointed me:
Whenever I found some border like rock formation, I kind of expected some sort of secret ruins or something inside.
But that was just my dreams there, no problem .

We're planning on extending the game with more islands/content/length. You can think of this game as a work in progress (or endless early access title).

For pick axes, 1 stamina per hit is actually very good. The stone pick axe takes 3 stamina per hit if you hover over it, so by not using the steel pickaxe, you're hurting yourself.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game though! There will definitely be many improvements/new islands/features/content and even secret dungeons buried underground like you were hoping for!


My main issue with it is that it's kinda way too short, like 2 hours of content.


It's not a bad game, but it's certainly frustrating. I've having a difficult time gathering resources without dying after collecting only a few pieces of coal or iron. Maybe it gets easier after playing some more, but I just wanted to express my irritation. It doesn't really ruin it for me, though.

craft the iron or , much better, the steel pickaxe.

Stuff gets WAY easier after that!

Be careful of going overweight (there will be a notification when you are overweight, and the yellow weight bar next to the inventory icon will flash orange). While you can carry as much stuff as you want, if you're overweight, you get a stamina penalty which if you're heavily overweight will kill you quickly. Drop ores if you're holding too many, and make sure to make return trips to the storehouse to drop off ore and rest in the hut to restore stamina. Bringing food along to restore stamina also helps and can lengthen your trips.

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Its great!

I was expecting alot less from this but this just ate my time.

So far its great.

How do you get the dragon


You need to get the wyrm pen quest from the alchemist (after you get the market), then feed the wyrms steaks.


Why steaks and not its brothers and sisters


Wyrms are cannibals? That could explain their small population on the island...

Nice game finished it in over 1 hour


I enjoyed my time in this game!


Honestly one of the WORST games I have ever played. 


maybe try to say what is bad about the game so they could fix it?

Launching  just gives a 'Shader Compile Error' both through the itch launcher and with a direct download. 

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I figured it out after testing on a few computers. The problem with the shader was this line: "precision mediump float;" This is required for WebGL (and the browser version), and most PC shader compilers ignore it so I thought it was safe to leave it there. However, a few compilers crash when they see it, so I simply removed it from the non-webgl version.

Thanks for the bug report! Try downloading the game again and let me know if it works.


It does indeed work now. I was surprised with the amount of content you had for just the start island being available. I can't wait to see what you've got planned for the next update.

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