Update 1.6.1 - Bugfixes and more.

The main purpose of this update is to fix some major bugs/memory leaks that made the game unstable and crash more often. This version should be a lot more stable and even a little faster, but I also added the following extras:

  • You can now board enemy spaceships and defeat them from the inside! This gives you extra loot now... and will have more purposes later...
  • Added vanity slots to equipment - you can now change your appearance without changing your actual equipment.
  • Added new hairstyles and character customization options. You can select one from an existing save at the surgery lab.
  • Added a few new familiar modifiers to the vine copse.

That's all for this minor update, but let me know if you have any issues or crashes! If not, I'll be back to working on the next planet!


aground-windows_demo.zip 70 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019
aground-linux_demo.zip 75 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019
aground-mac_demo.zip 73 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019
aground-mac_full.zip 297 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019
aground-linux_full.zip 299 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019
aground-windows_full.zip 294 MB
Version 1.6.1 Mar 23, 2019

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