Update 1.0.4

We released another update for Aground! This one mainly focuses on improving the farm and pen systems, but has a bunch of other improvements and fixes.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • The pig pen is now like the wyrm pen, you can manage the animals and you even now have a cow and chicken option for better milk and egg production. Pigs still produce milk and eggs, though, as it's simpler that way, and if you need a better reason: Wollmilchsau.
  • The farm has also been improved for managing crops and additional fields. It also now groups all farm items by type, so you don't have tons of entries of the same farm item. I also added a harvest all option.

  • Added cotton (for cloth), sugar and pumpkin crops. Pumpkin crops you'll only get if you saved around halloween and the Farmer gave the jack o' lanterns to you. Change your system clock to halloween to get them in future saves, and they can be carved into jack o' lanterns.
  • Spanish, German and Russian fan translations added.
  • Sign posts were added, so you can add messages and label tunnels.
  • You can now get the market after building the dock if you turn the thief away.
  • A BIGGER backpack was added to the market after getting the boat.
  • You can now turn potions back into dragonblood, and it wont let you drink more than the maximum.
  • XP added to crafting, smelting, cooking and capturing enemies.
  • Some treasure chests are buried underground if you start a new game.
  • A bunch of improvements and bug fixes.
  • The next update will include a bunch more improvements and features (like fishing, familiar/pet system, building placement and a day/night cycle), finishing up the improvements we wanted to make for the starting island. We'll begin work on additional content (quests/dungeons/bosses for the starting island, and future islands) after that update!
I hope you enjoy!


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Nov 06, 2017

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Hey just dropped in to say I love the new updates to the farms and animals. The cotton upgrade was not very clear. I read it as I had to go to the dock and buy cotton seeds to do the upgrade, but I did eventually figure it out when none of the merchants had cotton. I like the little dragons too. I did not discover them last time I played (if they were already in). Are you planning to make them stay as part of the far or to grow up for other uses? a pet baby dragon would be cool :)

Anyway had lots of fun thanks for the update.

I'm glad you liked the update! I'll reword the cotton upgrade to make it clear you set it in the barn. And yeah, we plan to do a lot more with dragons!

Thanks for the feedback!